Our Top Free Penis Enlargement Exercises
Most Natural Routines, No Devices, Just Bare Hands

If you are decided to add some extra inches to your penis size, whether you chose to buy penis enlargement pills, use pumps or extenders, or go for some penis enhancement patches or creams, penis enlargement exercises and massages remain somehow useful for quicker results and healthier penis enlargement.

We have set a selection of the most natural penis routines that would help you achieve better results and a faster penis enlargement.

Below is our selection of the most natural free
Penis Enlargement Exercises

The Jelqing Free Penis Enlargement exercises:

Learn how to Jelq! This technique has been used since ancient times among middle-eastern men and has become one of the most common penis enlargement exercises worldwide.

The Jelqing exercise allows more blood to flow into the Corpora Cavernosa area of your penis by stretching the walls of your penis spongy corpus to provide more space for extra blood flow. The Jelqing exercise allows adding some extra inches at both flaccid and erect penis states.

The Jelqing exercise has to be done on a daily basis, making the exercise a routine activity. Results would be noticed after several months if not combined with some penis enlargement pills or natural supplements.

Measurements must be taken regularly, a warm up is crucial before starting jelqing or other free penis enlargement exercises, and it is better done under hot shower.

After warming up, your penis should be semi-erect; you could then start jelqing by putting some soft lubricant like baby oil or a natural lotion, on both your hand and your semi-erect penis.

You can then put your fingers on an "OK" sign with your thumb and forefinger around your penis and going firmly on a milking motion from the base to the top of your penis.

Do this same routine motion with your other hand once the first reaches your penis top. Make sure you go on a regular hand-by-hand milking motion. Do not go through the head of your penis, just stop beneath it and change hands each time.

Doctors recommend a 5 minutes jelqing a day (around 100 strokes), you can add 100 more strokes every week. Avoid getting fully erected or ejaculating while jelqing, and make sure you go more slowly for a warm down jelq ending.

The Kegel Free Penis Enlargement exercises:

The main principle of this kind of exercise is muscle contraction. This could be done during urination, when you can contract your PC muscle to stop the flow. A regular practice of this kind of contractions would reinforce blood flow into the penis, stimulate harder and longer erections, improve prostate activity and achieve penis enlargement.

The Kegel free penis enlargement exercises consist of some sessions that have to be followed regularly in order to reach satisfactory results on penis enlargement.

Here are some Special Advices and Tips for successful Kegel sessions:

  • Step 1: Try to clasp and release your muscle for about 10 seconds repeatedly, with 10-second-breaks in between.
  • Step 2: Clench and release your PC muscle for 5 seconds, with 5 seconds breaks in between too.
  • Step 3: Contract your Pc muscle and hold it for 30 seconds… release it… then contract it again…
  • Step 4: Clasp and release your PC muscle repeatedly and quickly with no breaks, no long contractions, and no long releases.
  • Step 5: Contract your PC muscle and hold it as long as you can (goal: 2 minutes).

Repeat the following different contraction/release sessions as frequently as you can, you can go further than the seconds given through the above steps if you feel able to, but don’t make extra effort that may damage your muscles. Better start with a soft course of exercising, then go on slowly to reinforce it.

The Squeezing Free exercises for Penis Enlargement:

These squeezing techniques are more effective for thickening the penis rather than enhancing its length. A bigger penis remains quite desired by millions of women and men, some like it Longer, but most women like it rather Thicker.

Unlike other techniques, this squeezing session requires a Full erection and a lubricant

  • Step 1: You need to grasp your penis at the base, just the way you do during the Jelqing exercises (the “OK” sign with fingers).
  • Step 2: Using the Kegel technique to contract the muscle and hold it.
  • Step 3: Start squeezing your penis so that blood would be trapped into the shaft. (The head of your penis may look glossy, and your penis veins would bulge if the squeezing exercise is done properly)
  • Step 4: (You can move your fingers 1inch upward for stronger pressure)
    • Hold on this same position for about 30 seconds
    • Release the pressure
    • Shake your penis for some seconds
    • Repeat contraction and squeezing after achieving full erection again
  • Step 5: Contract your PC muscle and hold it as long as you can (goal: 2 minutes).

Make sure you release your muscle at any suspicious pain or over-pressure. You should avoid harming your penis muscles by a simple mishandling or by resisting the pain to get faster results. This would lead to serious damages of your penis and no results at all.

The Stretching Free Penis Enhancement exercises:

While Kegel exercises help thickening the penis, the following stretching techniques will help you gain some extra inches in penis length. The stretching free penis enlargement exercises help elongating the ligaments that attach the penis to the public bone.

For this, two different techniques are used, on is softer than the other, and every man would feel free to follow the course he feels more comfortable with.

Soft Stretching Exercises for Penis Enlargement:

You need to be half erect (a half-erect penis is much easier to move). Hold your penis just behind its head with your finger and first finger (back to the “OK” sign), make a soft backward pull from head to base counting to 30.

It is more effective if you would contract your penis for short sequences during the backward pulling movement. Once you reach 30, release your penis and shake it up to 30 times to make it relax. Repeat the session as many times as you feel capable of, but don’t push too hard, you may cause damage and harm you penis and overall sexual health.

Hard Stretching Exercises for Penis Enlargement:

This harder version of the stretching enlargement exercises requires a full erection. Clutch your penis and pull it backward to your body as much as you can, then push it forward as far as you possible. Repeat the action for up to 20 times, then change pull and push rhythm to a faster one. Go on a pull-and-push fast movement.

Repeat the same fast movements for 20 more times. Keep a constant pulling force and hold it for the count of 30, then release your penis and shake it to relax and lose erection. Repeat the exercise as frequently as you can, and make sure you go softly to avoid causing any harm to your penis.