Best Penis Enlargement Techniques
Pumps, Surgery, Drugs & Tablets...

Now that you have decided to enlarge your penis, you have to make the right choice and select the penis enlarger that fits you most.

Doctors assert that the penis is the most delicate man’s body part and must be handled very cautiously. This is why a team of experienced doctors and health experts have set an evaluation on the most recommended penis enlargement drugs & tablets, as well as pumps & devices, so you can learn more about the different penis enlargement methods and how does each of them work.

Do not forget that some penis enlargement techniques have late but permanent results while others have more instant but temporary ones, some may show more risks and some are safer... You can find hereby the latest complete doctors’ evaluation of the major penis enlargement techniques adopted these last years.

Penis Enlargement Techniques: Doctors’ evaluation

There is a big variety of penis enlargement techniques available and too many options have shown potential satisfying results, but you have to be well-informed about each technique and to have enough knowledge about each method’s usage, working process and eventual side effects.

Among the most common methods in enlarging penis size, doctors have revealed the following overall review on Creams/lotions/gels and oils, exercises and massages, pumps and extenders, surgery, drugs & tablets, patches, and herbal supplements or pills:

Penis Creams /Lotions/Gels and Oils:

The results of such products are usually temporary and doctors do not consider the result of this option as a permanent penis enlargement.

These products may also cause infections, injuries skin reactions or allergies to one or more ingredients, and might have to be combined with exercises or penis enlargement drugs in order to show satisfying results.

Enlarging Exercises and Massages:

Guidelines for such practices are available online. These exercises help in building muscles, penis length and girth enlarging, preserving sexual health and penis flexibility and improving sexual performance. This method consists of an outward pulling movement that helps opening up the area of the spongy penile tissue, allowing the penis to fill with more blood. Their results are also considered to be temporary and may need to be combined with penis enlargement tablets or creams.

Enlargement Pumps and Extenders:

Pumps: This device sucks air out of the cylinder and cause pressure along the penile area. Doctors warn that too much suction may harm penis and testicles, so an extreme care and well-handling may be required to keep an adequate suction level.

Pumps have been once conceived to treat impotence since they suck air and pump more blood, this is known to achieve harder erections, but have been noticed later on to increase penis size and have been since considered as penis enlargers. There are different pumping devices, and show difference in results too.

Penis Extenders: this technique is an outward pulling device too that helps in stretching penile tissues and muscles and may show the same results as pumps.


Both pumps and extenders may cause harm to penis if not handled correctly, and after frequent use, you may find difficulty achieving erection without the device. Doctors find no need in achieving longer penis size, if one may end up with erectile dysfunction.

So pumps and extenders may be fast but risky, may show quick results but not that permanent, the few inches reached might fade away right after losing erection, and might also have to be combined with exercises or penis enlargement drugs and tablets.

Penis Enhancement Surgery:

This technique might be achieved through different processes, but in all cases, the risks it shows remain significant. If silicone is used, it may settle into a lump after some time, and if using tissues from another part of the body, there are risks of infection or rejection.

Other risks may show as pain, irritation, psychological consequences (the man might keep carrying the assertion of having a small penis even after surgery and keep the same existing doubts). Adding to that, the restraint from having any sexual activity for at least 6 weeks after surgery is necessary.

Penis Patches:

They are same as nicotine ones, they release some necessary herbal elements to help enhancing blood flow, and may take some weeks of usage to show results. This device may also have to be combined with exercises or penis enlargement tablets.

Penis Enlargement Drugs & Tablets:

There is a big variety in such penis enlarging option and you would have to compare most of them for their effectiveness on penis size increase as well as on sexual performance, this should be done according to doctors’ approval, ingredients and customers’ testimonials.

These penis enlargement drugs and tablets may show more side effects and may have to be combined with exercises.

Herbal penis enlargement pills:

According to doctors’ evaluation on penis enlargement methods, herbal pills remain the safest and most effective. Their results are natural, fast and permanent. These natural products enclose herbal supplement known to increase blood flow, to bring energy, to stimulate division and multiplication of penis cells and to cause stretching of penile tissues.

The pills usage can be stopped once the desired size is reached, no serious side effects have been reported by consumers, and remain safer and healthier since they avoid you the risks of complicated surgery with uncertain results and that of devices or exercises misuse.

The only disadvantage of herbal penis enlargement pills is that their results are not instant.

Your natural penis pill must be authentic, 100% herbal, approved by doctors, with a full money-back guarantee, sold on a certified online pharmacy and with recent and serious customers’ feedbacks.

Doctors declare that these herbal pills also increase serotonin level, which brings a better feeling and well being, and this salves the psychological effect of an undersized penis trouble.

The 4 Big Lies about Penis Enhancement Techniques

Some penis enlargement options may be said to be effective in preventing prostate cancer, increasing semen volume, in preventing premature ejaculation, or even to help reducing weight.

This could Never be achieved by Penis Enlargement Drugs & Tablets
or any other method.

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